Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Shteap Cunt ! Who Dubya?

I had to go to Spiegel to track down a non pixilated image, here have at it. There are a thousand and one quips I could come up with to accompany this story, not one of them with the slightest bit of sophistication, but I don't need to, you must be there with me as you read away.
Sometimes you can't beat a bit of bad taste, after all there is no taste like bad taste.

It will go bigger with a click.

'Porn Bush' Angers Republicans

The tribute has not gone over well with Bush's supporters. A spokesman for Republicans Abroad International described the portrait as a "cheap stunt" in an interview......

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Republican Party in Bush's home state of Texas didn't find much humor in the portrait either. "This picture is very distasteful," he told the paper, adding angrily, "Why would anyone want to make a picture of our president from pornographic material?" Spiegel

Oh stop please my sides are hurting, how much of an "Only In America" is that?

Wake up and smell the coffee you dumb Texas fuckwad, stroll on, truly, only in America.

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