Thursday, August 23, 2007

Following Us Home by Jerry Ghinelli

Sacre Bleu! zis man he is taking of the piss with his talk of Souffle' Promenade, does he not know zis cakewalk of which he speaks is a Gateaux Marcher?

A first rate piece of sarcy writing if ever I read one, if this is chapter twelve then I look forward to reading one to eleven. (linked at the article)

Nearly halfway through its fifth year, the French mission to bring democracy to the US, free the American people from the tyranny of George W. Bush and rid the world of America’s stockpile of weapons of mass destruction has entered yet another phase, as blame, finger pointing and the “D” word (defeat) have now crept into the dialogue.

You’ll recall that France, the self-described greatest nation on earth, invaded the US back in March of 2003, in what then Prime Minister Jacques Chirac euphemistically coined Occupation American Freedom (OAF).

But OAF, as some skeptics have argued, was a bit clumsy; it stumbled badly and, even worse, is now seen by many as a fairy tale. more

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