Saturday, September 01, 2007

Nifong Sentenced To One Whole Day


This loathsome piece of garbage masquerading as a man. This creature really, and I mean really really, sets my blood boiling, what a piece of shit he is.
Nifong, KNOWING that the accused in the Duke lacrosse case were innocent, Nifong deliberately withheld evidence and pursued a malicious prosecution of the three for his own political advancement, trying to rack up browny points for when the time came for him to stand for re-election.

He would have sent three men up the river for life or the best part of life, he would have robbed three men of the majority of their time in their one and only visit to this planet to enhance his chances of being returned in his job as District Attorney, what an evil bastard he is.

One day! one fucking day! one miserable short day in jail, what about malicious prosecution and attempting to pervert the course of justice and Christ knows what else he is guilty of?
He should have gone up the river for the same period of time the the Lacrosse Three would have served, had this despicable cocksucker had had his way.

Disgusted, absolutely one hundred percent fucking disgusted.

And he is still lying through his back teeth.

Taking the stand in his own defense, Nifong insisted Friday he didn't intentionally lie about whether he had turned over the DNA evidence. But he acknowledged the report he gave defense attorneys was incomplete.

"I now understand that some things that I thought were in the report were in fact not in the report," Nifong said. "So the statements were not factually true to the extent that I said all the information had been provided."

There is far too much to highlight, have a read of the bloody thing.

My previous posts are here. They are worthy of a read if only for the details and horrors of the case.

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