Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hagee’s Holy Grail: The Demented World of CUFI

I have been a little light on blogging this last week and shall be again today, there are construction crews throughout the building and every last one of them seems to be trying out their new hammer, so trying to put something meaningful together ain't the easiest thing to do.
But then perhaps it might not be too bad a thing.

Were I to fill these pages with what is current, well it wouldn't make for the most uplifting experience.
I could write about the economy being in meltdown, but no I don't want to go there, not that I would be short of fodder, I couldn't be, not with articles by the score filling my inbox daily.

The same applies to the war in Iraq, you don't want to read about the biggest clusterfuck in modern American history and I surely don't want to write about it, just as surely as I don't want to write about the crisis in Palestine, or what was once Palestine.

The campaign circus? not a hope.

So what have I got for you before I head out the gap and get away from Bedlam for a few hours?

I've got the batshit crazies who inhabit the never changing batshit crazy world of the Christians United For Israel, the very same crazies that I have previously mentioned in dispatches.

No intro then, and I don't even have to give a link to Max Blumenthal's must watch video "Rapture Ready" there already being a link in the article.

Cannon Fodder For The Rapture

Safa Abu Saif, a 12-year-old Palestinian girl, was visiting a friend’s apartment when the bullet fired from an Israeli rifle slammed into her chest, punching a gaping exit wound in her back. No ambulance could reach her because of the fighting. Safa died in her father’s arms three hours after being shot....

Pastor John Hagee, televangelist to 99 million viewers and pastor of the 18,000-member Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, established the CUFI in 2005 following the publication of his book, “The Jerusalem Countdown: A Warning to the World.” Hagee envisions CUFI as the Christian version the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the powerful pro-Israel lobby whose political clout has a significant influence on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.......

Despite Pastor Hagee’s obvious interest in eschatology, he insists that CUFI’s support for Israel has nothing to do with end time prophecy. But in an unguarded moment in the intimate confines of his 50,000 sq. ft. multimedia chapel, Hagee set the truth free, “The judgment of the nations is going to happen as soon as Christ returns to earth. As soon as he sets up his throne on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, he’s going to rule the world with a rod of iron. That means he’s going to make the ACLU do what he wants them to … We will live by the law of god, and no other law.”more

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