Friday, November 30, 2007

Fahrenheit 451 Brought To You Courtesy Of Homeland Security


If I post nothing else for the rest of the year I must post this. It is a tale I find staggering, absolutely one hundred percent mind blowingly staggering.

The implications for this, all ready in place in New York city, Orwellian scheme are quite beyond the pale.

The ACLU is on the case and the story has been picked up by Keith Olbermann, it is without doubt an absolutely must read/watch. Home of the brave land of the free, stop!

[The Telegraph.] A scheme to train firefighters in major cities to look out for terrorists has raised fears that their iconic standing in American society could be damaged.

Unlike police, firemen and paramedics do not need warrants to get into homes and other buildings during technical inspections of emergency facilities, making them particularly useful for spotting signs of terrorist planning.

The Homeland Security Department has been secretly testing a pilot scheme in New York in which firefighters are trained to identify suspicious material or behaviour. If successful, the programme will be extended to other large cities....

[Crooks & Liars] Case in point: drawing from a very apt analogy of Fahrenheit 451 (short clip) in which firemen went looking for questionable material (like the unacceptable notion of books that make you think) from the citizens to keep them complacent and happy, comes the news that the Department of Homeland Security has.....more courtesy of Crooks & Liars


Anonymous said...

What the hell!!! This is absolutely insane! This administration has done more harm than any other administration in history. It amazes me that there are still people saying we should thank the troops for fighting for our freedom. HA! What freedom. Our freedom is slowly, or not, slipping away and Americans are just too dense to see it. Never give up your feedom in times of stress. You may never get them back again. This bunch of fudamentalists are using propaganda and fear to turn our republic into a dictatorship. People don't want socialized healthcare because that just screams of communism, yet we will allow a power hungry dictator wannabe to virtually take over our country. Come on idiots, pull your heads out of your asses long enough to see some light! HH

Himself said...

A lot of folks might breeze over this story but the enormity of the implications are frightening.

Check out the plans for the structure of our socialised state/medicine in "on this day Dec. 1st.