Thursday, November 22, 2007

Home Of The Brave Land Of The Taser

I would dearly like to know what kind of psychological assessment, if any, these inadequates go through before they are let loose with a firearm and a taser.

Jared Massey, 28, posted the nearly 10-minute long clip on YouTube two months after the confrontation with police took place along a rural stretch on a state road two hours east of Salt Lake City.

In it, John Gardner, the officer, is shown on his own dashboard camera as he approaches Massey's SUV and tells him that he pulled him over for speeding in a 40 mph zone.

Massey and the officer have a brief dispute over speed limit signage before Gardner returns to his cruiser to write the ticket. He then approaches Massey and the two again engage in a dispute, with Massey claiming Gardner stopped him "blind" -- without a radar gun -- and that he had not yet passed a sign where the speed limit on the road dips to 40 miles per hour.more or video


Anonymous said...

I work with a lot of cops. They have nothing more than an 18 month degree. They are then handed a gun and a badge and set loose. Nothing like a 20 year old punk with a badge and a hard-on to fuck things up proper. Can't drink, but can tase or shoot your ass. Cute. HH

Himself said...

"I work with a lot of cops."

Aren't you the lucky one.

In case you missed them, search "all white jury" in blog header bar,and watch the vid. then for the real shocker, search "to serve and protect"

I have seen videos of cops using greater violence than this but I have never seen a more violent vid than this.

It becomes clearer when you watch the vid and see who the victim is.
It made my blood boil watching it, and as I say in the article if it had been my daughter I would have gone out one dark night and ambushed the cocksucker.