Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The French Are Revolting


Sacre Bleu! it didn't take long, but then it wouldn't, I could never weigh up why a country full of left wing bolshies elected a right wing president in the first place.
I had to smile at this line, "The high stakes have led to a strange phenomenon: a largely silent president."

As happens from time to time in France, militancy is in the air again.

The resolve of the railway workers - on strike for almost a week now - seems to have encouraged others to stick up for their rights too........

All sides know that many striking rail workers have had their eyes fixed on what has been called "Black Tuesday", when many of those who have been struggling to get to work over the past week will themselves be going on strike.

Hundreds of thousands - possibly millions - of teachers, civil servants, health workers, students, banking staff, air traffic controllers, customs officials, weather forecasters, and others - will stop work for 24 hours for a variety of reasons: from pay to public sector reform.more

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