Friday, November 23, 2007

"Life Begins At Conception" Their Nose In Your Womb

Why, without doing any research, would I feel comfortable betting the farm that ninety five percent of this "life is so precious" crowd voted for Bush, supported his war, and banged the big war drum, as did most of America. America, God bless her, doing what she is so very good at, dropping big bombs on the soft flesh of innocent children.

What a loathsome bunch of hypocritical sanctimonious arseholes.

DENVER -- Antiabortion activists in several states are promoting constitutional amendments that would define life as beginning at conception, which could effectively outlaw all abortions and some birth control methods.

The campaigns to grant "personhood" to fertilized eggs, giving them the same legal protections as human beings, come as the nation in January marks the 35th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.......

Wouldn't it be nice if these good Christian folks campaigned for something different...say... infant mortality, children's healthcare and poverty, all at shocking levels in God blessed America.

If successful -- and upheld by the courts -- the amendments could outlaw certain forms of birth control that prevent fertilized eggs from implanting in the uterus, such as the birth control pill or contraceptive sponge...........

What's next on the list, outlaw wanking?

Antiabortion activists hold out the most hope in Georgia, where the amendment has the backing of some legislative leaders. They're also optimistic in Colorado, where the campaign to collect signatures kicked off last week with a rally headlined by Alan Keyes, a Republican presidential candidate.

Ah yes Georgia, couldn't have a tale like this without Georgia being involved somewhere.
Colorado, didn't a chap named Ted live there, used to talk a lot about sin?

"It's not just Bible-thumping kooks or some Roman Catholic nuns" supporting the measure, Zastrow said. "There are a lot of moms and pops that are pro-life who are going to say, 'Why haven't we done something in our state?' More
No, of course not.


Anonymous said...

Did they see the study that showed that all coutries had pretty much the same number of abortions? That means that women are having abortions even in countries where it is illegal in the same numbers as where it is legal. The difference? When preformed illegally the mother is more likely to die from infection, hemorage, and other complications. Do they remember the number of women who dies from illegal abortions before Roe v. Wade? Is that what they want to go back to? Sanctimonious bastards. NO man may tell me what to do with MY uterus!! PERIOD!! I don't give a shit what a man does with his penis, prostate, or balls. Stay the hell away from my uterus, eggs, and cervix. This pisses me off soooooo much!! I hate seeing a group of 50 white, rich, men debating what should be done with my body. They have no right. Forcing me to do something I do not want to do or controlling what becomes of my reproductive system, Rape? HH

Himself said...

They are dangerous people H and it's not just abortion, these fuckers won't be happy until ALL laws are in line with their extremist views based on a two thousand year old work of fiction.