Sunday, November 18, 2007

International Pressure Halts Iranian Hanging

This is one scary tale if ever there was.

When an already cruel and callous society embraces homophobia as do the Iranians, couple this with a total disregard for human rights and wrap it all in the Quran the result then becomes a breeding ground for travesties such as this.

What must it be like to live in a society, whether gay or not, where a single unsubstantiated letter to the authorities can result in arrest, and without trial, end up in a death sentence.

Given that the boy was just thirteen years old when these alleged acts took place, he hadn't reached the age of majority even by Iran's archaic standards, fifteen for boys and nine for girls, yes nine years old for a girl to be held responsible as an adult for her actions, but I digress.

The article is a sorry and scary insight to "Iranian justice"
There is a video profile of Ahmadinejad accompanying the article, worthy of watching in it's own right, but equally worth watching, starting at the three minute twenty mark, a scene of Ahmadinejad explaining to the mullahs the aura that surrounded him (Ahmadinejad) when he gave his speech to the UN.

I first saw this clip a couple of years ago and no matter how I searched I could never relocate it. Well it's popped up here and you can judge for yourself if Ahmadinejad is totally insane or just a tad deluded.

Amid international criticism ignited by a crusading journalist, Iran’s chief justice has spared the life of a young man who had been sentenced to be executed as the result of a cousin’s accusations of homosexual acts years earlier.

Ayatollah Seyed Mahmoud Hashemi Sharudi nullified the imminent death sentence of Makvan Mouloodzadeh, 21, for violations of Iranian law and Islamic teachings, Saeid Eghbali, the defendant’s attorney, told this week.

Had Sharudi not intervened, Mouloodzadeh would have joined hundreds of his fellow Iranians, some of them just children when they committed their alleged crimes, who are hanged each year in jail yards and public squares. The executions are often carried out via a method designed to enhance and prolong their suffering: A rope is placed around the condemned person’s neck and he or she is hoisted from the ground with an industrial crane.more

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