Tuesday, November 20, 2007

On This Day November 20th

Last post for today, seems there was quite a bit happening on this day past.

Nuremburg trial begins. Franco quits this coil. Diana admits to getting laid, mother in laws castle on fire. And not least a bit of a scandal that puts the GOP in the shade, Former Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe is accused in court of plotting to kill his former homosexual lover. and other

And the reason for the graphic.

A copy of Giovanni's Room appeared as a prop in the Jeremy Thorpe murder conspiracy case in 1979. Thorpe, leader of the British Liberal Party, stood accused of conspiring to have a talkative ex-boyfriend disposed of. Thorpe was acquitted, after a somewhat campy trial. His loan of a copy of Baldwin's novel to the alleged victim, and their subsequent night together, were detailed in court. Would the book gently tossed on the bed have been a dusty old hardcover without its jacket that had been hanging around Thorpe's library for years and trotted out on appropriate occasions? Or would the recently reissued Corgi edition be a more likely candidate? It shows two scantily dressed young men, one looking at the other, who is looking away. The Corgi seems somehow appropriate. How Gay Paperbacks Changed America

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