Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My YouTube "Faves"


I have to admit to being a bit under the weather this last couple of days, subsequently my posting has been somewhat mercurial, so I thought I would offer up "my favourites" that for one reason or other have caught my eye.

Hopefully you might find a bit of something of interest.


Footnote. Don't jump to the conclusion that I may be a fan of the person featured in the clip. Galloway for instance, apart from giving a brilliant unscripted speech before the Senate is still, in my estimation, a complete tosser.
Some of the clips that are multi-part might only feature just the one part, if they are of interest you will have to dig them out of YouTube in the correct order.

That there are a few NASCAR clips may come as a surprise, but I followed Jaun Pablo Montoya when he left Formula One to race Nascar.
Having said that it's by no means a disclaimer or a put down of oval racing, whereas I find it doesn't "Grab" me as does F1, I have the greatest respect for what's involved to constantly bring the car home and to bring it home constantly near the front.
If you are not familiar with oval racing you might watch Dale Sr's Last Win (5 min) running four and five wide at those kind of speeds is not without skill and not without "a lotta bottle."

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