Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Black or Gay and HIV in DC?

Fair play to young miss Styles for trying to address the problem.
I firmly believe this current administration doesn't give a shit about anybody or anything other than their own sorry arses let alone blacks and gays who just might be inclined to vote democrat.

Washington, DC AIDS activist Nicole Styles felt she had to do something to help when she learned last winter that her city has the highest AIDS infection rate in the country, with 1 person out of every 20 being affected. Since then, she has been working with Metro TeenAIDS, handing out condom kits on street corners and trying to convince young people to use them.

One reason why Washington suffers from third-world rates of infection is that the federal government has done little to intervene. According to ABC's Nightline, "Many in DC suspect what seems like indifference is because 80% of those infected are African-American and most of the others gay."more and video.

I had previously saved these two rather bizarre photo's in my library of graphics. They are from a French Aids awareness campaign, I have just done a search for a text to accompany them and came up with this site, The Unofficial Stanford Blog who have put together a post that features some more quite bizarre aids awareness short clips. Check them out if they are of interest.

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