Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Golden Compass. It's Only A bit Of Fantasy


Ah the Catholic League again, these buggers are just one very small step away from the crazies that lock up old women teachers for calling a Teddy Bear Mohammad. Story contains spoilers.

The author of the book on which the new film The Golden Compass is based has hit back at critics who accuse him of peddling "candy-coated atheism".

Philip Pullman dismissed as "absolute rubbish" accusations by the US-based Catholic League that the film promotes atheism and denigrates Christianity.

"I am a story teller," he said. " If I wanted to send a message I would have written a sermon."

The film also stars James Bond actor Daniel Craig and is based on the first part of Mr Pullman's best-selling His Dark Materials children's trilogy.

In the book - set in an imaginary world - the heroine Lyra fights against the Magisterium, an evil organisation some have interpreted as based on the Catholic Church.more and watch the short video

Now why would that be I wonder?

Teddy seems to have his work cut out since he joined the team.

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Anonymous said...

These cristian people really make me laugh. They are so sure they have all the answers. Just follow them and the mysteries of life will be explained, eternal life, heavenly treasure, forgiveness, unconditional love can all be yours. They have the ultimate truth. So tell me, why are they running scared over a movie? If their religion is sooooooooo great what do they have to worry about? I mean, if all that stuff were real only an idiot would give it up. AHHHH, there it is, TRUTH. I guess the church would be afraid of dissent based on reason and thought huh? I love watching the crazies when their panties are in a wad. Their faces get all red and spittle starts flying and hands start waving and the bible takes a thumping. Oh, good times. HH