Friday, November 09, 2007

Swat Valley Pakistan: All Men, All Inadequate And All Mean

I must thank "Jem, London," comments section, for the title, puts my feelings in a nutshell.
I am aware there are a hundred and one things going off in Pakistan but I highlight this article because of my interest in human rights, more particularly women's rights and of course my endless loathing of the followers of the teachings of a seventh century bandit, paedophile and conman.

Not to be content in just practicing this primitive dark age mumbo jumbo and leaving the rest of the world to go about it's business these misogynist zealots won't rest until the world becomes a seventh century village and is ruled by these same cruel and miserable animals.

All men, all inadequate and all mean.

Dozens of Pakistani security forces policing a former tourist haven surrendered to militants yesterday, raising the stakes in the country’s political crisis. The police officers and troops, outnumbered and demoralised, laid down their arms before hundreds of pro-Taleban extremists who are imposing Islamic law in an area beloved of Western hikers........

They added that the Islamic militia, who called themselves Taleban, had hoisted their flag inscribed with verses from the Koran above government buildings and established Islamic courts. Government officials have fled and police stations are now manned by militants.

Television and music have been banned and barbers ordered not to shave beards. Through an FM radio station, the militants have urged schoolgirls to wear all-covering burkas. They have warned women that their marriages would be annulled if they did not force their husbands to grow beards.more
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