Sunday, November 25, 2007

Yes We Do Like Our Politicians To Be Secular


I should imagine this situation (main story) would be utopia to American atheists, and no doubt if American television interviewers conducted themselves in the manner of Jeremy Paxman when interviewing our esteemed leaders (Blair) Joe Public would find it somewhat refreshing.

Part of the interview, when Paxo asks Blair about his faith is here in this one minute clip, it's a bit of a classic.
You can see the whole interview in five parts, Blair doing his best to spin and lie about the need to go to war, but Paxo being Paxo is having non of it, neither is the audience for that matter.

Should you watch part one pray watch it to the end for the first man in the audience doesn't come across too well. The other parts of the program are accessible from the link.

Blair Feared Faith 'Nutter' Label

Tony Blair avoided talking about his religious views while in office for fear of being labelled "a nutter", the former prime minister has revealed..........

But while it was commonplace in the US and elsewhere for politicians to talk about their religious convictions, he added, "you talk about it in our system and, frankly, people do think you're a nutter".

British voters imagined that leaders who were informed by religion would "commune with the man upstairs and then come back and say "'Right, I've been told the answer and that's it'.More

Shurley shome mishtake!

Update: Bishop has a bitch.

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