Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Praying For Rain. Stop Please!

It would appear that not everybody in Georgia professes having a direct line to God.

Randy Mickler, senior minister at Mount Bethel United Methodist Church in east Cobb, approves of the governor's plan.

"I do not think we have to come together to convince God of anything, but like any parent, God wants to hear from his children," said Mickler. "We pray for rain every Sunday."

Like endorsing motherhood and apple pie, endorsing prayer seems a pretty safe bet across party lines.

But not 100 percent safe.

"This is a ridiculous, illogical exercise even for people who are deeply religious," said Ed Buckner, treasurer for the Atlanta Freethought Society. "I would think they'd be offended."

Buckner, an atheist, is helping plan a "polite and peaceful protest" on the Capitol grounds today, and expects members of both the Council on Secular Humanism and Freedom From Religion Foundation to attend. He objects to the governor, in his official capacity as an elected representative, endorsing a belief system.

He also thinks God, if there is one, already knows we want rain.more

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