Friday, August 10, 2007

Hugo Sticks The Knife In And Gives It A Twist (Again)

He's a learned and accomplished man is old Chavez and it would be dishonest of me if I said I didn't have more than a little admiration for the fellow.

There's one thing for sure about the lad, he ain't no fan of Dubya. I did a little piece on Hugo some time back, it was only a few lines, more of a vehicle to carry a link to the video of Chavez before the UN and now as then I thought he was pretty impressive. I think I shall go and give it another dose of looking at.
twenty four minute delight Chavez

Oil and gas, oil and gas, oil and gas. President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, on his four-nation tour of South America, has spoken about little else.

In Argentina, he announced the signing of what he called an Energy Security Treaty, ensuring his southern ally would have ample supplies of gas and oil for "the next 100 years, and more".

"It's much more important than any free trade treaties," added Mr Chavez, in an implied criticism of the deals that the United States has been trying, and generally failing, to agree with most of Latin America. more

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