Friday, August 10, 2007

The Eternal Curse Of Plastic Bags


This is a world wide problem. The article makes mention of Ireland's ground breaking move to tax plastic bags, I was living there at the time and would have to say it was the best thing since sliced bread.
You will find lots of information in the links below how plastic is effecting the world, Hawaii included, Hawaii sits in an unfortunate geographical position in the Pacific and is very prone to tidal plastic flotsam.

Aug. 10, 2007 | OAKLAND, Calif. -- On a foggy Tuesday morning, kids out of school for summer break are learning to sail on the waters of Lake Merritt. A great egret hunts for fish, while dozens of cormorants perch, drying their wings. But we're not here to bird-watch or go boating.

Twice a week volunteers with the Lake Merrit Institute gather on these shores of the nation's oldest national wildlife refuge to fish trash out of the water, and one of their prime targets is plastic bags. Armed with gloves and nets with long handles, like the kind you'd use to fish leaves out of a backyard swimming pool, we take to the shores to seek our watery prey. more

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