Thursday, August 02, 2007

Update: Father Von Wernich, Murder Charge Priest

Father Von Wernich was the police chaplain for Camps and the Buenos Aires police force.

He has been indicted as an accomplice on seven counts of murder, 30 counts of torture and 41 counts of kidnapping. Hector Timerman alleged that Von Wernich was in the room at the time his father was tortured. Hector related that "when my father was interrogated and tortured, he had his eyes blindfolded, but, sometimes the blindfold fell from the force of the electric shocks, and this is how he identified [Von Wernich]."

This is the first evidence, in two weeks of oral
testimony, that places Von Wernich inside a torture room as the police carried out physical acts of violence. Hector added that the priest acted as a "repressor, not as a confessor." more

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