Thursday, August 09, 2007

Nouri al-Maliki Your Days Are Numbered

If one of the many factions don't get you the Yankees will.

Talking to Tehran can be injures to your health.

Prediction: You are going to be assassinated and Bushco will have to replace you with someone that is even more compliant to American interests than yourself.

Not signing the "Oil Bill" hasn't gone down at all well, not signing the oil away might get you dead, but if you do sign, it will probably get you even deader.

Next time you visit Tehran I would stop there.

Update: A new public opinion poll has found nearly two thirds of Iraqis oppose plans to open the country’s oilfields to foreign companies. Common dreams

Update: A top member of the Iraqi prime minister's party says a law governing oil reserves should be delayed until occupation forces leave the country. UPI

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