Friday, August 17, 2007

Micheal Vick Is Fucked Every Which Way

It Was only on Wednesday that I reported this story.

because he (Vick) wants to hear from the NFL what a guilty plea would do to his football career.

I will leave it to John Clayton at ESPN* to elaborate on Vick's NFL future, or lack of.

Today two of his co-defendants have copped a plea and plead guilty to a single count of conspiracy, prosecutors have given Vick until today (Friday) to plead or really get his ass nailed to a cross.

More background here from the AJC* but for more gruesome details follow this link*

I wouldn't be worrying about your football career, I'd be more concerned about the amount of porridge you're going to stir you sad fuck of an excuse for a human being.

h/t TL for the *links


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