Thursday, August 02, 2007

Limited Intellect And Authoritarian Attitudes


"The prison authorities, more often than not, are persons of limited intellectual capacity and of authoritarian attitudes whose primary penological goal is to maintain order."
The New Asylum: Supermax as Warehouse for the Mentally Ill

Watch this 1996 "Training video" of prison staff indulging their authoritarian attitudes over inmates unfortunate to be picked (at random?) to participate in this sick and sadistic display of abuse of power.
1996 Training Video>>. via Prison Legal News

As a separate thought, if all the gangs and factions that exist in the penal system had a brain between them they would stop fighting each other and stand shoulder to shoulder and as a single voice say "enough."

If it were not for the authorities maintaining the staus quo regarding gangs the whole penal system would go into meltdown.

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