Saturday, August 18, 2007

"it's about human rights, innit?" Old Brit New Money

No doom and gloom today, I shall endeavour to bring you only lighthearted rubbish this weekend.

He likes what he likes – and what he doesn't like is busy-body governments telling his customers that they can't smoke in his club. All right? So Dave West has hired Cherie Blair to defend his 'civil rights'. Meet the pro-smoking movement's Mr Big Portrait by Jo Broughton

Dave West. Maybe you've heard of him and maybe you haven't. It might depend on whether you read the red tops.......

He didn't mean to hire Cherie Blair.........

" Are you a fan of her husband? "In a nutshell? He's an arsehole." I'm guessing you were quite
keen on Thatcher, though. "Yeah, I liked Maggie. She done a lot for the country."........

" He says he can read now although "I don't know nothing about vowels and them things. You wouldn't want to get a letter from me, I don't know where the full stops go." Have you ever read a book? "I've read a few Harold Robbins ........more

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