Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How Long Before It's Hugo Chavez's Turn? Ahmadinejad

Assuming he don't get a bomb dropped on his head first, Mahmoud (hang 'em high from a telescopic) Ahmadinejad has all the time in the world to saunter around the Middle East and play the statesman.

Needless to say Bush is more than a little miffed that his puppet Prime Ministers are talking to Tehran.
The heading by the way is in relation to the last paragraph in the article and that would be the ultimate pisser for the boy blunder.

Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, audaciously signalled his determination to counter US global power today by meeting his Afghan counterpart, Hamid Karzai, in open defiance of Washington's wishes.

Mr Ahmadinejad led a high-ranking Iranian delegation to Kabul in a demonstration of growing Iranian influence in Afghanistan, where the US, Britain and other western powers are engaged in a bitter struggle with the Taliban.

The visit - Mr Ahmadinejad's first to Afghanistan - was tailor-made to provoke alarm within the Bush administration......more

Counterpunch article

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