Wednesday, August 08, 2007

All Dead Vietnamese Were VC And All Dead Iraqis Are Militants

And an "Air Strike" is a non too subtle euphemism for dropping fucking bombs on people.

This is the middle of Baghdad for Christsake, when is enough enough, three million dead as in Vietnam?

And don't be looking to the Democrats to end this goddamn carnage, what a bunch of spineless self serving wankers, the rollover party, I wouldn't piss on the whole sorry bunch.

US-led forces have killed about 30 militants in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, the US military has said.

They said most had died in an air strike following a raid in the Shia district of Sadr City. Twelve people were also detained in the operation.

The US military said the dead were part of a network that was smuggling weapons from Iran, but witnesses said women and children were among those killed. more

That's some fucking smart bomb that picks and chooses to that degree, what utter fucking shite.

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