Monday, March 03, 2008

Morgan "Green Car" to Debut At Geneva Motor Show


A "zero-emission" sports car with a top speed of nearly 100mph is set to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

The hydrogen-powered Lifecar, based on the design of the Morgan Aero-8 roadster, produces little noise and only water vapour from its exhaust.

The lightweight model packs advanced fuel cells and an energy storage system that gives the car a range of 250 miles (400km) per tank of hydrogen.more

1960 Buick. Orgasm on wheels, what a piece of art!

I was rather impressed with the design of this Cadillac 16 prototype.

Bulkhead/firewall machined out of one solid lump.


Anonymous said...

that cadillac is one of the most beautiful pieces of machinery ever made. that engine is spectacular.

Himself said...

You're quite right it is a thing of beauty, the proportions are perfect.

It shouts, "show me the road," a fast one!

Anonymous said...

"1960 Buick. Orgasm on wheels, what a piece of art!"

beautifully described

Himself said...

Around twenty years ago I tried to buy one. I took my brother mechanic to London, each of us with £6,000 in our pocket, (split the risk) but it turned out to be a poor thing.

I then spent moths advertising in the States for one. When it looked like nothing was going to come of it, I bought myself a new Mercedes. A week later I had an offer of a car that the guy used to show, that's how nice it was, and all for $16,000.

But it was too late by then, I had I bought a smaller Merc, I might have had some spare cash, but I didn't so I hadn't.

Incidentally, as soon as I got the thing, it was Hamburg here we come. Calling in at the Dam on the way of course.

And no, it wasn't the one I 'lost' I wouldn't have dared left that one on the street.

But pray, don't get the wrong impression of me, I'm not one that's terribly impressed with the trappings of life, I'm quite the minimalist at heart.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, nice story, and naturally I have the right impression, I'm a reader after all. xx