Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Alvaro Uribe The Devil's Disciple?

Ulterior motives and skulduggery are common bedfellows of many things in this world but we tend to associate these things, not unnaturally, with politicos.

Be it the lowliest pol of a local council to the pols that perform on that most most glittering stage of all, the stage of international affairs, ulterior motives and skulduggery are to openness what the words of a politician are to truth.

So with that in mind I found what the writer of the article below had to say about the recent incursion of Colombian troops into Ecuador rather interesting.

The writer, Richard Gott, is of the opinion that the raid was nothing more than an instrument to derail the negotiations between the FARC leaders and Hugo Chavez.

Not too wild a theory when one considers the well known and undisputed fact that Colombian President Alvaro Uribe is in bed with the Devil. (start of the fifth paragraph.)

The article below is worth reading to the end if only to gain a small insight into the history of FARC and why they are less than inclined to trust any Colombian government.

I was particularly struck by these few words in regard to negotiating with FARC.

When Uribe became president in 2002, he abandoned all such efforts and embarked on seeking an entirely military solution.

That seems an awfully familiar doctrine, wonder who put that idea in his head?

Highlight mine.

By all accounts, the midnight attack on the camp of the Farc leaders, a mile inside Ecuadorean territory in the jungle region south of the Putumayo river, was a political decision taken by the Colombian president, Alvaro Uribe, to end the peace process orchestrated by Chávez. Four Colombian politicians, held as hostages by the Farc for the past six years, were released last week and given a royal welcome in Caracas. Reyes had been among those who organised their freedom. Killed at the age of 59, Reyes had long been more of a diplomat than a guerrilla commander, though he was often photographed in military fatigues and carrying a gun.

According to the Ecuadorean president, Rafael Correa, the bodies of the Farc commanders and 13 guerrillas were recovered in their pyjamas after being bombed while sleeping in a tent on the Ecuadorean side of the frontier. The Colombian air force, Correa claimed, had used advanced technology "with the collaboration of foreign powers" to locate the camp and "to massacre" its occupants. Uribe's government is a close ally of the United States and of Israel, whereas Correa belongs to the radical camp led by Chávez. Subsequent to the bombing, Colombian troops crossed the frontier into Ecuador to recover the bodies.more

How true a claim that might be I have no idea, but taking history into account it doesn't seem too incredible.

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