Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Mormon Murderers and Deja Vous Jihad

As I have made mention before, the Mormons, in my opinion, are only a low step above the Scientologists, but for me reading the details of this hitherto unknown subject, I have to say I found it quite fascinating.
I will say this for Young, he certainly understood what made a cult tick, no better way to bond the sheeple to the leader than to involve them in a heinous crime, cemented for ever, true outcasts one and all.

Deep in Southern Utah, amid the salmon-coloured spires and sandstone walls of a strange land, is a valley more soaked in blood, shame and secrecy than perhaps any other in the American West........

(No prizes for guessing who wrote this inscription.)

Never again, Young vowed, would Mormons be passive in the face of distrust and harassment. He organized a militia, with instructions that they could kill to defend the church colony, and in so doing, they could also kill in the name of God.......

Twain said Utah Territory was no democracy.

"They maintain the semblance of a Republican form of government," he wrote. "But the truth is that Utah is an absolute monarchy and Brigham Young is king."
more Courtesy of the BBC.

A dedicated website Mountain Meadows Massacre

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