Monday, September 03, 2007

“Is this a great country or what?”

Can Only a Dolt Love America?

I read somewhere recently that twenty five percent of Americans failed to locate the United States when offered a globe of the world.

Now I know your average American ain't too bright when it comes to places that are beyond the realm of his or her own back yard, nonetheless I do have a problem getting my head around those figures,*** after all these people have a vote, a scenario, which if not outright scary then at least one that should offer up a reason to be slightly concerned.

Mark Drolette offers us a piece of writing, one not without humour, that could be fact or could well be a work of fiction, I have no way of knowing which, would you?

*** Not anymore, I have just watched this short clip again and perhaps you should too if you want a geography lesson.

Can Only a Dolt Love America?
by Mark Drolette

Is this a great country or what?”

“I’m sorry?”

My rabid right-wing brother-in-law Dolton had caught me off-guard, fantasizing as I’d been about George W. Bush invoking at his war crimes trial a variation of the “Larry Craig defense”: “I am not smart. I never have been smart.”

“That show we just watched,” Dolton continued, commenting on a just-concluded program on the Propaganda, er, History Channel extolling the glories of the Mexican-American War, harkening back to the days when the U.S. stole only half a country at a time, “reminds me of how lucky we are to live in a land with so much freedom and opportunity, thanks to all the sacrifices so many Americans have made.” more

And if you are in the mood for a couple of clips, have at it.

Dumb Americans? International Gourmets!
Gay Marriage: End of the world for some Christians Brings home what I was saying about some people having the vote, particularly the second guy.
A guide on how to live... Now I know why a lot of Americans don't have a problem with Gitmo. A (young) Fox News brainwashed pastor.

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