Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Extreme Child Abuse. Baby Bible Bashers. A Film

It's a little late in the day for a long intro.

Baby Bible Bashers produced by Cutting Edge aired on main stream TV here in the UK some short while ago.
I'm glad to see that someone has uploaded the program to Youtube, if you want to see everything that is bad about religious parents then this is the program for you.

Not one of the parents of the three kids that are featured passes muster, I won't ask you to pay special attention to the white kid from Mississippi or the behaviour of his parents, it's unavoidable, but the climax to this kids story is probably in the the fifth and last segment.

I urge you to view the complete film, it really is a must watch.

Part one here.

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Gypsy James said...

This kind of carp simply leaves me cold. Scared, yes a bit, but deffo cold...a couple I know believe every single inherently contradictory word of the Bible, and have the most twisted logic to back any inconsistencies up with..

Keep up the good work man.

Come the revolution I'll be the one in a hood stood next to you facing the wall.....