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We Don't Need No Yankies Mr Cameron

There must be somethings, surely there must; but as I sit here I'm having a great deal of difficulty in trying ascertain just exactly what it is that we might wish to import from America.

I have no such difficulty however in deciding those things that what we don't want to import from the greatest nation on earth, those things being anything remotely resembling, policing USA style, a judicial system USA style and a penal system of the same brand.

Por que? Because nowhere is to be found, in any, or all of these branches of government, one redeeming factor, not one, absolutely and unequivocally not one redeeming factor, not one enviable trait, and not one positive attribute.

What you will find however, and heaven knows we have enough of our own without importing it, is corruption, all three sectors, are not just dripping with it, they are awash with the stuff; corruption and injustice in every department and at every level.

Be it mind boggling levels of entrapment that masquerade as law and order, both in local and state police, and the FBI for that matter, the Feds are just as likely to stitch you up and send you up the river as are the knuckle dragging mouth breathers of the gangs with badges.

But it is a misnomer to call these inadequates police, let's call them for what they are, paramilitary thugs; better armed and less accountable than many small country's armies.

Paramilitary thugs who think they are the law, not someone who is charged with upholding it. Try asserting your rights with one of these storm-troopers and see how far it gets you. If you're very lucky you'll get the handcuffs and a night in the slammer, if you're not so lucky you'll get the handcuffs and a night in the slammer after being pepper sprayed and tasered. And if you're really unfortunate, if you're still alive after the tasering, and the beating, the bastards will rob you blind.

The Department of Justice, now there's another misnomer if ever there was, the last thing in the world that is dispensed from this particular department is justice. It wouldn't recognise justice if it got run over by it, all eighteen wheels of it.

Occasionally some rich white cocksucker might get his, as I pointed out in this previous post' as equally I pointed out not all the cocksuckers of this world get their just deserts. But it is invariably disenfranchised black youth that end up on the merrygoround......

All the rant has gone out of me, I have just heard that the West Memphis Three have been released, so I shall post this as is, though I shall add one or two pertinent links shortly.

For the Department of Corrections, just look under the Prison Nation tag in the sidebar, there's enough there to open anybody's eyes.

Later then.

Welcome to the Terrordome.
British Regime Jealous of America’s Savage Police
By Glen Ford
August 18, 2011

In the wake of rebellions that spread to much of urban Britain, the ruling Conservative Party government is not only sounding like their racist American cousins, they were at least toying with the idea of importing William Bratton, the former police chief of New York, Los Angeles and Boston, to put the fear of the law into the U.K.’s darker residents. On first examination, it seems counterintuitive that anyone would look to the United States for role models in the criminal justice arena. The U.S. is by far the most violent among the wealthy nations of the world. Gangs are endemic, the U.S. is the drug marketplace of the planet. Guns are everywhere, both legal and illegal. It’s a scary place to live. What could the British possibly find to envy about America, when it comes to law and order?

The United States is the Great Gulag Nation, the planetary prison dungeon, home to 25 percent of its prison inmates. One out of every eight imprisoned persons in the world is a Black American….

Wait a minute! That’s got to be the allure to the white racists in Britain. They are jealous of the absolute savagery of the U.S. criminal justice system’s treatment of Black people. They look with awe on American cops like Bill Bratton whom, they imagine, would punish British Blacks in London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester as he did it America’s big cities.

Not that the Brits aren’t trying to live up to American standards of racist law enforcement. Blacks in the U.K. are 26 times more likely to be stopped and frisked on the streets than whites, and seven times more likely to go to prison. But it’s all in the scale of things. The Americans stop, arrest, and imprison far larger numbers of people, both by percentage and in raw numbers. Whereas 150,000 people were stopped and frisked on all the streets of England and Wales in 2008, nearly 600,000 were stopped in New York City alone. Britain’s total incarcerated population is less than 100,000 people. The U.S. is only five times as large as Britain, but imprisons 24 times as many people: 2.4 million. And, when it comes to shooting Blacks and Latinos down in the street like dogs, nobody beats the American cop, in eagerness to fire his weapon or the number of bullets he’s willing to pump into a Black body.

The Brits, having a “special relationship” with the United States, know all this, but they want to follow in America’s bloody footsteps, anyway. Because, for white racists in Britain, just like their counterparts in the U.S., it’s not about efficient and effective policing, or any civilized notion of justice. It’s about hate. It’s about racial dominance. It’s about keeping Black people in their place.

That’s why the British courts are sending 60 percent of people arrested in the rebellion to jail to await trial, rather than the usual ten percent. That’s why a single mother who accepted the gift of a pair of shorts that turned out to be looted got five months behind bars. And that’s why the prime minister is spouting racist nonsense about the inferior culture of non-whites – especially Blacks – in Britain.

It’s all so very familiar to us on the western side of the Atlantic, in the nation that was built on genocide, slavery and racial supremacy. To the Black people of Britain we say, “Welcome to America.” Welcome to the Terrordome. ICH

No, we don't need shit like this.

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OK, I think you get the idea, but there's plenty more under the various tags, Police, Fascism, Racism, Paul Craig Roberts, et al. Perhaps just as well that this is a half finished post, because these links are just a few cop related, never mind Justice and Corrections.

But I have to leave you with this last one, for no other reason than I state here.

Isn't it amazing how the law and order brigade have a road to Damascus moment when they find themselves in the hands of "law and order."

There's nothing like a basin full of reality to sweep away the illusions is there. I love stories like this, it's better than.....
Further Fascist Fun In Florida

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