Friday, August 26, 2011

SAS Murder Squad Hunts Gaddafi on Cameron's Orders

Which David Cameron, you don't mean this one perchance?

....“It’s a great pleasure to be here. The ideas we’re discussing today - ‘extremism, individual rights and the rule of law in Britain’

....One again we face that challenge. In its starkest terms, it comes from the direct security threat posed by a small minority who use terrorism to achieve their political aims. Concervatives

Unlike yourself of course.

....But I don’t think we need engage in some protracted exercise to define our
shared values. We can do it in a single phrase.
Freedom under the rule of law.

This simple, yet profound expression explains almost everything you need to
know about our country, our institutions, our history, our culture – even our

It is why British citizens are free men and women, able to do what they like
unless it harms others or is explicitly forbidden.
And why no-one and nothing is above the law. more pdf

Excepting, you, Tony, George, Dick, Don and Condi, I'm to take it?

David Cameron will take a calculated gamble and tell China's leaders today that they cannot shut down debate about democracy, urging them instead to recognise that political freedom, the rule of law and a free press represent the best path to stability and prosperity. Guardian November 2010

But more likely, this one. Confirmed numerous times here.

I think I've made my feelings clear, on to the story.

Britain's SAS leads hunt for Gaddafi
Thomas Harding, Gordon Rayner, Damien Mcelroy
August 26, 2011

LONDON: British special forces are on the ground in Libya helping to lead the hunt for Muammar Gaddafi.

As a $1.6 million bounty was placed on his head, soldiers from 22 SAS Regiment began guiding rebel soldiers after being ordered in by the Prime Minister, David Cameron.

For the first time, defence sources have confirmed the SAS has been in Libya for several weeks, and played a key role in co-ordinating the battle for Tripoli.

....With most of the capital in rebel hands, the SAS soldiers, who have been dressed in Arab civilian clothes and carrying the same weapons as the rebels, have been ordered to switch their focus to the search for Gaddafi. more


Libya is the new Afghanistan
by Con Coughlin
August 25 2011

So the worst-kept secret of the Libyan campaign is out – the SAS are busily hunting down Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, having orchestrated the rebels’ stunning advance on Tripoli. So much for David Cameron’s insistence that there would be no British boots on the ground in this conflict.

It was, in my view, inevitable that Mr Cameron should turn to the SAS to save his own political skin. As I have written on numerous occasions since the start of this conflict, you can’t overthrow determined dictators like Gaddafi from 20,000 feet.

By July the logic of this argument was obvious as the entire campaign was running into the sand, with Gaddafi still clinging to power after Nato had flown in excess of 16,000 combat missions, and the rebels in total disarray. Enter the SAS to save the day.

How sending in the SAS to hunt down Gaddafi squares with the original UN mandate is no doubt an issue people will want to examine further the next time there is a proper public debate on the issue. But to my mind Mr Cameron’s sophistry on the legitimacy of his Libyan adventure is no different to Tony Blair’s cavalier attitude towards the UN over Iraq.

So far so good you might be thinking, now read on.

Fucking Telegraph.


Anonymous said...

trying to expand my vocabulary, I’ve just learnt a new word "übercunt". M

su said...

fuck i wish david cameron and all those 'elite' little buggers would just keel over and die.

i am off to find strong drugs growing in the garden. can't take this reality much longer.

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Reality is for those that can't handle drugs.