Thursday, August 25, 2011

Preppers: Maybe Not So Crazy After All

Maybe Not So Crazy Afterall

It would have been quite easy to dismiss this story as easily as I might once have easily dismissed the participants, as both batshit and paranoid. But like the rest of us that have our eyes open, these fellows, the Preppers, see the same writing on the wall.

And that writing, writ large, is that as the establishment strips away every safety net, not just from the underprivileged but the middle classes alike, the haves are in real fear that as society falls apart, the ever growing numbers of have-nots are going to rise up and take it away from the haves.

Preparing for an apocalypse in America

The American Preppers Network is a group of people storing supplies, equipment and ammunition in case an end of the world disaster strikes the U.S. RT visits one such family.

­A typical house in a regular suburban town, but here – a family is preparing for the end of the world.

A German Mauser and P-38 from the Second World War, a twelve-gage shot gun, a forty caliber pistol and an AR-15 – weapons and ammunition are key.

“If we are carrying this out on the street for some reason – all hell broke out. It’s an end of the world type situation. You can’t walk around with these guns here,” said Keith Proskura.

A certified NRA instructor and owner of two businesses, he stores food and supplies to help him survive no matter what disaster might hit.

“Brake down of government is one thing a lot of people are preparing for now. We are facing possible pay delays for social security. I am not going to need all of this stuff for that, but you are going to have a lot of Americans who are upset,” he explained.

The 37 year old is among thousands of American preppers who would rather be ready than sorry. RT spoke with Tom Martin – the founder of the Preppers Network – from inside his truck.

“It’s not so much political, but more economic. I see people every day lose their jobs and have to rely on food that they have stored up previously to live on that food, just because they’ve lost their jobs,” said Martin. More and video.

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