Saturday, August 06, 2011

Islam: Not of Our Time Not of Our Culture

I'll wager these two sad bastards aren't quite so critical when it comes down to their own personal jerk off material. Because as we all know, there are only two kinds of people in this world, wankers or liars.

Two guys called Mo fined for spraying burqas on billboard models in London

THE Mos – short for teenage morons Mohammed Hasnath and Muhammed Tahir – have earned themselves convictions for criminal damage after they did a cover-up job on scantily-clad models featured in poster ads.

According to this report, the two 18-year-old Muslims from east London were caught defacing advertisements when members of the public called police.

They had been spotted painting over a Lynx advert which showed Kelly Brook as an angel, as well as painting over the other side of the hoarding, which was an ad for the film Drive Angry.

When police arrived, they admitted what they had done.

The numpties admitted the offence, saying they were acting in the greater good because women should not be uncovered.

Taiwo Akinrowo, prosecuting in their recent court case, said:

They told them [the police] that the way the women had been photographed was against their religion and said it was a sin in Islam for a male to look twice at a woman who is not covered. Both have admitted painting over them. At first, they did not think it was a bad thing to do but they accept that it was not legal because it was not their property.

Hasnath – who had earlier been fined £100 for posting stickers which declared Tower Hamlets a “gay-free zone” – declared:

If someone was to look at our wife or mother or daughter with a bad intention we would not like it, so we were just trying to do good.

They were each told to pay costs of £283 and were released on a 12-month conditional discharge.

Last month, posters were found in Tower Hamlets, Newham and Waltham Forest declaring the boroughs to be “Sharia-controlled zones”.

The posters said:

You are entering a Sharia controlled zone. Islamic rules enforced.

Underneath, images indicate that smoking, alcohol and music are banned.

Islamic hate preacher Anjem Choudary, who said in 2008 that gays should be stoned to death, has claimed responsibility for the campaign. Source and mugshot.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

the man behind Fulla, the muslim barbie doll

Himself said...

In spite of being 99% against the burqah, and for all the reasons that have ever been mentioned, I still have that one percent freedom of choice thing.

However, I've upped a new cartoon.

Anonymous said...

Martha Nussbaum, is she a feminist? (whatever that may mean).
Anyway I don’t understand her point of view or should I say 'political philosophy'. She doesn't agree with the five arguments commonly made in favour of the burqa ban.

For example.
"… And what about the “degrading prison” of plastic surgery? Every time I undress in the locker room of my gym, I see women bearing the scars of liposuction, tummy tucks, breast implants. Isn’t much of this done in order to conform to a male norm of female beauty that casts women as sex objects?..."

Apart from the fact that I have never seen the kind of women Nussbaum describes (may be her/my country, may be Nussbaum’s/my surroundings), I fail to see the equation. Isn’t undergoing of plastic surgery 'to please a man' a voluntary option?
Besides (again it may be the country/surroundings) I don’t know men with such wishes.

Perhaps Nussbaum should read a rational point of view from the comments on her article.
"You deal well with the right to wear the burqa, but fail to address the right not to wear the burqa. One cannot adequately discuss one without also discussing the other." (Emma)

I agree with the 99%/1% ratio.


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"act normally"
the Dutch speak their minds :)


Himself, are you sure you are British? M

Himself said...

I found the Wilders clip quite funny, quite funny indeed.

As for the rest of it, perhaps I'm a frustrated Dutchman?

Well I am a European, not a continental, but a European nonetheless.

Thanks for the links, I got a post out of one of them.

Never miss a chance to kick religion in the bollocks.

Sorry m'dear, testicles.

Anonymous said...

How to improve your English language skills. Read Only in America. M

Anonymous said...

Hi H, new nationality? Well, apparently I am Christian's only visitor. M

Himself said...

Please don't feed the trolls. Nothing sets them on fire Like being ignored does.

Anonymous said...

I know. x

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Himself said...

That's a tweeter.

With suitable graphic of course. (burning shit down)

Jesus and Mo? Yes.