Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rick Perry's Army of God Extremists Update

Meet Forrest Wilder, the man who has done his homework on these disciples and prophets batshit crazies.

Wilder's previous comprehensive article here, which, like the video, is certainly worth your attention, because as I say, Wilder has certainly done his homework and has marked a card or two.

I don't know which of the two would be the scarier to lead any country, let alone one with a nuclear capability, Rick, end times Perry, or this skriking harridan.

Republican Gov. Rick Perry of Texas is expected to announce his entry into the 2012 presidential race. Perry will make the announcement Saturday at a conference in South Carolina organized by Erick Erickson’s Early backers of Perry’s presidential run have heralded him as being behind the so-called Texas economic miracle. However, many have questioned Perry’s economic claims in Texas. Questions have also arisen over Perry’s close ties to the radical wing of the Christian evangelical movement. Last Saturday, Perry helped organize and spoke at a controversial seven-hour Christian prayer rally in Houston titled "The Response: A Call to Prayer for a Nation in Crisis." While the prayer session drew 30,000 participants and received national press, little attention was paid to the Christian evangelicals Perry worked with to organize the event. The Texas Observer has just published an explosive article titled "Rick Perry’s Army of God." It exposes how a group of radical Christians and self-proclaimed prophets from a little-known movement known as New Apostolic Reformation have been quietly pushing for Perry’s presidential bid. We speak with the Texas Observer’s Forrest Wilder.Democracy Now

Further analysis of Forrest Wilder's article at AlterNet

Give this fellow a try, he has done a little analysis of his own.

More Old Fart rants here.


su said...

my god please spare another american election. fuck it the whole word is bombarded with it and who gives a shit.
the choices they come up with are such a total fucking insult and still the idiots go round waving the flag, overdosing on caffeine, doing the whoole countdown, tally bullshit story.

i don't want any of those fckers to come into power.
i want to walk on the street and find someone who is aware enough to look around and respond to a need around him. someone who will see an old woman battling to get off the bus and gov over and help her. or pick something that someone has dropped and returning it to them. you know there are lots of them. you are probably one of them. we need to pick someone who actually gives a dam aoubt his fellow humans and would never be able to lie or give false promises.
someone who would not want to rule is the only one we should place in power.
won't someone just pull the plug on that nation so the world is no longer subject to its smoke and mirrors.

81 bloodie senators going to israhell. what goods have they been promised?

Anonymous said...

Himself said...


Given that he's fucked half the low paid in Texas, I thought there would be no shortage of contenders.

One to keep an eye on though.


Himself said...