Friday, August 05, 2011

Newsy Dot Com - Agenda?

I am a blogger, so by definition I'm biassed. I'm also staunchly anti-twat, and there is nothing in this world that panders to that most unsophisticated of emotions that lurks within me, that of Schadenfreude, than when the twats of this world get theirs.

Sir Paul, that'll do nicely Stephenson, gone. John, integrity Yates, gone. Andy, dodgy geezer Hayman, about to get his. And Piers, I couldn't lie straight in bed Morgan, also about to get his, in spite of how much CNN try to whitewash the lying fuck.

But this article is not about Piers Morgan per say, rather about some outfit that I have never heard of,

I first viewed this clip in the wee hours, and not being at my most attentive, my initial thought was, CNN, no matter how much you try to spin this, the outcome is inevitable, Piers Morgan is toast.

The problem with that first impression being, it wasn't CNN doing the spinning, and it is here that I ask you as readers for your opinion, but rather it was said outfit,

A search of the net didn't bring up an awful lot about the outfit, particularly if there are vested interests lurking in the background, so I could do nothing more than base my own opinion on the content of the clip.

Is it my bias towards the twats of this world that is colouring my judgement, does have an agenda here, is it the bimbo that's presenting the clip, or is it just normal crap American reporting, the standard of which, we have become so inured to over the years?

Any thoughts?

Source HuffPo

Footnote: For an organisation that aspires to be a global player, the Huffington Post blocks more video content to the UK, than any other outfit I have ever come across.


Anonymous said...

No idea, anyway it is the bimbo that's presenting the clip.

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