Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tony Bennett: One ''Paedo'' Too Many

I notice, though there seems to be great reluctance among Bennett acolytes to discuss the matter, that Tony Bennett is about to get the arse sued off him.

The details of which I have no idea, and even less interest, other than these few lines here.

What it is exactly that has caused Edward Smethurst to instigated proceedings against Bennet, is not something with which I am au fait, but given my knowledge of Bennett's unhealthy preoccupation with the sex lives of others, I can well imagine.

But it is the bottom line, the result of any such action, that seems to elude Bennett's disciples faithful, the damage done to the cause, and not least the damage done to the sincere hard work of others by this attention seeking barmpot. Perhaps one day it might get through to some, that this man is a disaster, not just to seeking justice for Madeleine McCann, but to any cause he latches on to.

This, only stumbled on today, discourse between ''Blackwatch'' and Tony Bennett might give some indication as to the probable content. But if that isn't totally convincing, there are examples a plenty to be found of just what obsesses the mind of this attention seeking creature, just seek out some of the older posts at the links provided.

For now, my little fans, ciao.

BLACKWATCH: Bennett follows this up with the following statement, referring to the pornography websites the Police File record Robert to have visited:

BENNETT: "I am of course driven by a strong conviction that Madeleine died in Apartment 5A and that there has been an organised cover-up of the truth. I tend to think that this may be connected with something illegal going on, be it sexual, drugs or perhaps medical. And again, as you mention, the Redclouds site plus the encrypted material on his computer plus the things said about his sexual preferences/perversions by Carlos Costa and the anonymous female witness all conflict with the idea that they are all devout JWs. Further, it cannot surely be coincidence that Brian Kennedy is also a Jehovah's Witness."

To which I replied:

BLACKWATCH: "I think some may have speculated (and I mean speculated) on drugs running - but there's diddly squat evidence. Having said that Amaral headed up the Narcotics Division and Metodo 3 detectives seem to have dabbled in the trade according to some reports. Porn and drugs pertains to organised crime I suppose ... Of course, it's very tempting to entertain the idea of one or more members of the Tapas group being involved in communities like Redclouds. Membership appears to be on the increase. A natural progression of swinging? Not so sure. allowing yourself or your partner to be filmed having sex is a world away from allowing your 4 year old daughter to be used or filmed"

Bennett's response to this was no less insistent:

BENNETT: "BW, I would suggest that for some people, it is not a world away but a STEP away, There is a great deal of evidence that people who develop an obsession with or addiction to sex look for ever more exciting ot novel ways of developing their interest. No need to go into details, but I am aware of some case histories where 'swingers' have indeed gone on to take an interest in sex with young children. Or to put it another way, amongst 100 'swingers', you might find one or two paedophiles lurking secretively amongst them." Full article


Anonymous said...

OMG Tony Bennett the insider!
*living on a pink cloud*

Anonymous said...

Tony Bennett has some very bizarre and convoluted ideas.