Sunday, August 07, 2011

Day One Fundamental Flaws


Anonymous said...

"... designed to help not only raise money but also awareness."

"Fundraising started early in July. The donations were given freely, from a young girl donating the contents of her piggy bank to local businesses and a pamper evening organised by Julie at Norton Working Men’s Club."

"Based in Stoke on Trent Julie has been actively searching for Madeleine McCann shortly after she had gone missing."

Well, that's more than the parents have ever done.


Anonymous said...

"Proposition 6 is fucking crazy! It takes us right into Hollywood movie territory, we’ve got this woman, this physician, she’s lost her kid, she’s become world famous because of what she went through, she’s been blessed by the Pope, cleared by the prosecutors – "


Anonymous said...

neighbour news, to cheer you up,1518,786584,00.html

Anonymous said...

P.S. An interesting picture of an ape at the end of page. M

Himself said...

Pass on the neighbours, I'll take the ape.

I always thought when cartooning, using animals, and kids for that matter, was a great way to get the message across.

It must have been the ''out of the mouths of babes and sucklings'' kind of reasoning.

Oh! and apes of course, we mustn't forget the apes.

Anonymous said...

H, for something on the lighter side, on a shitty day. So funny and refreshing. M

"Blacksmith you are a genius and I want to have your baby. Mail me." Blondie, Co. Mayo

Himself said...

Genuine lol, but I bet the trolls couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the comments section open, they dived down like a a two dollar whore on a flaccid cock.

He writes well does Blacksmith, and the other fellow, Blackwatch, I wish I had half their talent.

Anonymous said...

He is/they are almost as good as you are. Almost.

Whether a person writing those words can be considered quite normal is an interesting question, especially in the light of the contempt and hatred she has expressed for others who disagree with her; if those are her public words what do you think her true, uncensored feelings about her enemies must be?

But whatever little dance of satisfaction and victory Kate McCann might perform in the dimly lit privacy of her Rothley bedroom – the mind reels – the infliction of misery on Amaral improves the position of the parents not one whit.

Himself said...

Not at all at all.

But I thank you.