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London Roits SUS Laws Darcus Howe BBC Democracy Now

I didn't run with it at the time, in part due to its length (30m) and I thought the content perhaps a little too esoteric for a global readership. That said, it wasn't until watching a clip sent in by reader, Maren, that the original interview between Amy Goodman and journalist, black activist, Darcus Howe, that my interest was rekindled.

My reasons for that in a moment, but firstly, and having just watched again, the Goodman/Howe interview, quite a few things get a mention, not least the UK's stop and search law. (SUS) What didn't get a mention however, was the controversial scrapping, just one year ago, of the monitoring of the instances that police applied the SUS laws to young black males.

What did get a mention though, was the circumstances surrounding the death (murder?) of David Emmanuel, aka Smiley Culture. Circumstances so bizarre, that if you believe the police's account of things, then I have a bridge I want to sell you.

If anyone has ever watched an arrest going down, and particularly in a drugs bust which this supposedly was, the arrested person is seized by two cops, securing both wrists and elbows in order that the suspect be given no chance to discard his stash.

To believe in the first place, that under these circumstances, David Emmanuel was allowed to go unaccompanied into his kitchen, borders on the incredible. But that he then picked up a knife and stabbed himself to death with a single blow to the heart, well, we're getting into two bridges territory in being asked to believe that chain of events. Basics of the case here, much more at this link.

I have said this before on more than one occasion, although if you were to read my correspondence from the BBC you might doubt it, they certainly seem to have trouble accepting the fact that I don't have a television set.

Por que? Well, I suppose it started before the McCann case, but I think it was the BBC's handling of that particular fairy story that finally gave way to the decision to say fuck the BBC, its propaganda and its licence fee.

Reserving as I do, a special place in my heart for propaganda extraordinaire, courtesy of regional BBC East Midlands. Such fine examples of what passes for journalism at BBC East Midlands can be found at these links below. Though I must stress that I furnish them, not as a reflection of the McCanns, but rather as a reflection of the BBC in its own jaundiced looking glass.

And nothing more indicative of the bias shown by BBC, than their employment of sycophantic brown-nosing hack Mike O'Sullivan, of BBC's East Midlands Today. You remember him better of course for his reporting of Goncalo Amaral's outburst ''Fuck the McCanns.''

A reminder here of that occasion, only reported here by the Mirror, and all the better for it, I mean it wouldn't do to make this post on bias a uniquely BBC thing. Although as you can well imagine, the Mirror was far from alone in reporting this, as the next link will demonstrate.

Which unfortunately for the BBC, O'Sullivan, and for Amaral as well, the damage already having been done, that wasn't quite what Dr Amaral uttered. But then what might we expect when the BBC sends a provincial hack to cover a story in a foreign land, all be it a third rate country that munches sardines and doesn't speak English, that tells you all you need to know about the place I'm sure.

Such blatant misrepresentation of this little event forced the BBC to apologise on this occasion, rather than its normal course of action, let's ignore it, it doesn't fit our agenda. Eager enough, and seemingly with no little amount of glee, eager enough to report on the shameful action of Portuguese court to allow an injunction banning the sale of Dr Amaral's book, A Verdade Da Mentira, which can be read here in English, there appeared to be on the behalf of the BBC, no such glee in reporting that the injunction was eventually overturned. Going so far in fact, that I never saw a word of such a decision reported by the BBC. Nor for that matter unsurprisingly, not one from the McMail either.

But of all the links to be found here, which are all internal, and apart from the
correspondence from the BBC, all germane to the bias of the BBC, I think it is this post above all that shows Mike O'Sullivan for the true arse licking hack that he is. What Now BBC? What Now Mike O'Sullivan? But having said that, there is also The Dedicated to, Mike O'Sullivan BBC East Midlands, Gallery, that might qualify as the definitive post on this wretched little McCann shill, but whatever, both posts carry clips of O'Sullivan trying desperately to crawl up the arse of his beloved Gerald McCann.

Just these three below, also posted for their relativity, and then on to Marcus Howe.

BBC East Midlands. Let Me Answer That (This at a time when Tony Bennett had in me an ally, all be it an extremely reluctant one. For the sake of the cause of justice, I put away my normal detestation for Bennett and his ilk, for it is a fact that under normal circumstances, I wouldn't piss on the whole on the whole sorry bunch of them if they were on fire, least alone associate, no matter how loosely, with those that I can only describe as, a disgrace to our species.)

Gallery Eighty (Link at the bottom of the page)

BBC Once a Whore Always a Whore

I think by now you may have an inkling of what to expect, if not from the second clip, then surely the first. Watch this filmed off the TV clip of the BBC in action, and compare it to Amy Goodman, who I have to admit, certainly gives Marcus Howe his head, perhaps a tad too much in places, because ''old West Indian Negro'' or not, he can rattle on with the best of 'em.

August 10, 2011 Democracy Now

Unrest continues to spread across England after protests erupted Saturday in London when police shot to death Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old black man. Mobs firebombed police stations and set shops on fire in London, Manchester, Salford, Liverpool, Nottingham and Birmingham. After waiting for several days, Prime Minister David Cameron has cut short his vacation and recalled Parliament from summer recess. Scotland Yard has ordered its officers to deploy every available force to stop the unrest, including water cannons and possibly the use of plastic bullets. London has been flooded with 16,000 officers, the largest police presence in the city’s history. We go to London to speak with journalist Darcus Howe, a longtime critic of police brutality in black and West Indian communities across the U.K., and author and blogger Richard Seymour of the popular British site "Lenin’s Tomb." "There is a mass insurrection. And I’m not talking about rioting; I’m talking about an insurrection that comes from the depths of society, from the consciousness, collectively, of the young blacks and whites, but overwhelmingly black, as a result of the consistent stopping and searching young blacks without cause," says Howe of the uprising. Seymour notes that anti-terror legislation has led to an unprecedented number of stops, predominantly of youth of color, but protests against the stops have been largely ignored by the British media. "A political establishment, a media, and a state system that gives people…the impression that they won’t be listened to, unless they force themselves onto your attention, is going to lead to riots," says Seymour. more Democracy Now

A little extra, the Flanagan post is particularly recommended.

For the ultimate example of bias, try this Ronnie Flanagan related post courtesy of IndiMedia Trust us, we're the BBC. Shurely Shome Mishtake

And while we're dealing with peripherals, there is this fellow. Dear Mr Marr, "It IS going to replace journalism."


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