Saturday, August 06, 2011

Boogity Boogity Boogity Prayin' Over Let's Go Racing Boys

I'll admit to watching NASCAR on quite a regular basis. My reasons for doing so can be found throughout my various posts under the NASCAR tag in the side bar.

If you have never watched NASCAR, or more specifically the pre-race build up, it more than likely will be a bit of a culture shock, putting it somewhat mildly.

Dripping as it does, with nauseating degrees of Jesus, jingoism and hypocrisy, the pre-race build up is truly, bring your barf bag. Perhaps you might like to click the link to get a better understanding of both NASCAR and the post below.

God and NASCAR is just one of the many links to be found under my own NASCAR tag. Others can be found there covering that other equally nauseating NASCAR phenomenon, the US Military.

There is always a strong military presence at a race meet, (1st & 2nd clips) no better highlighted than at this previous post: It's The Cannon Fodder Don't You See? Complete with one more Youtube video and its relative comments, here but the one.

What a disgusting & garish display of religious kitsch and hillbilly / jingoist nonsense. I hope the tax payer did not have to pay for this inbred, mountain dew display.

I have to say though, that in all three clips you are spared the ''and protecting freedom around the world'' crap, uttered in the mandatory invocation. Because frankly, I have listened to these words of hypocritical shite more times than I care to admit to.

So having gotten all the merde out of the way, NASCAR on a lighter note.

Thank you God for a smokin’ hot wife … oh, and Dodges, Toyotas and Fords

ONLY 52 percent of Americans, according to a new poll, think that the Almighty is doing a good job as CEO of the universe.

But at the weekend one man – a Baptist preacher in Tennessee – appeared to give God unqualified approval when he thanked the deity for providing him with a “smokin’ hot wife”.

Joe Nelms, pastor at the Family Baptist Church in Lebanon, had been invited to pray at a motor racing event – the NASCAR Nationwide Federated Auto Parts 300 on Saturday in Nashville.

He also thanked God:

For the Dodges and the Toyotas. Thank you for the Fords. Thank you for Sunoco racing fuels and Goodyear tires.

He ended his prayer with the words:

In Jesus’ name. Boogity, boogity, boogity. Amen.

The track erupted in applause and laughter, with some folks in the stadium even tipping their hat to the man – but not everyone was impressed with Nelms’ choice of colourful words.

The pastor, who has done the invocation at the Nashville event three times before, said he has received plenty of emails since the invocation and although most of them are positive, quite a few have been negative.

Critics have blasted the Tennessee pastor for being “disgraceful”, “disrespectful” and even “blasphemous” – but Nelms said he was just making a break from tradition. more

H/T AgentCormac Follow up, Youtube

I said on a lighter note, this from Remigus in the comments section.

bj + AgentC. NASCAR is really big among the bible-belters. In a poll I just made up by the Poe Foundation it came second to The Lord Hisself in the list of the most important things that make Southern USAer’s lives worth living.

1 Jeebus
3 Shootin’
4 Incest
5 Corn dogs/chilli dogs/weiners
6 Lynchin’ negroes
7 Grits (whatever the fuck they are)
8 County
9 Western
10 Chewin’ tabaccy

73 Education


Cletis L. Stump said...

WWJD...What Would Jesus Drive...
Has to be a 57 Chevy...the closest thing to heaven ever made.

Himself said...

60 Buick