Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bugger Me! Not if Tricky Ricky Perry and His Pals Get Their Way

Rick Perry's Prayer Rally Leader Wants to Recriminalize Homosexuality

There was no question that Rick Perry's prayer rally was bringing in the most radically right Christians—the American Family Association, which hosted it, is a super-fringe evangelical group that wants to impose its views upon the government. So, were he elected President, would Rick Perry make homosexuality illegal? Because that's what AFA spokesman Bryan Fischer would do. In a speech today, he spoke about how states "still ought to be able" to criminalize "sodomy," though those laws were declared unconstitutional in 2003. Wow. Watch via ThinkProgress:

I started to put a small collection of Perry campaign ads together, but then I came across a compilation.(middle vid) But for reasons that become apparent, I still include two of my original choices.

I shall have to update a few posts, but I have decided to give Perry his own tag. I should do the same for Bachmann as well, I think I shall be needing them before this circus for Jesus comes to an end


Anonymous said...

circus for Jesus :)

Himself said...

Himself said...

Sea Shepherd schip Brigitte Bardot ligt vanaf 1 tot en met 12 september in Amsterdam!!

Anonymous said...

Een leuk bericht in het Nederlands, dankjewel Hijzelf.

Himself said...

You're most welcome Maren, but I cannot tell a lie, I lifted it from a Dutch tweet.

Do you fancy a look?

What with being a monthly donator n'all, I received an invitation recently from Sea Shepherds to a reception to be held aboard HMS Belfast in London. (£75 ticket)

As pleasant as that might be, and I have no problem with the £75, but the way things are these days, what with the price of trains (never take a car to London)and a couple of nights in a hotel, I don't think there would be much change from a grand.

Better to keep the money in hand in order to respond to various future SS appeals.

Still, it would have been a nice experience to have a wander around the Steve Irwin I must admit.

Maybe wait until she calls in at a port oop north somewhere.