Thursday, February 14, 2008

Further Tales From A Police State


The maker of this thirteen minute documentary has utilised, along with other film, recently obtained police footage of a 2002 demonstration in Portland Oregon.

To say it's scary would be an understatement and I'm not talking particularly about the end scenes where the police discuss and implement their tactics to disperse a boisterous but peaceful crowd exercising their first amendment rights.

The indiscriminate use of chemical weapons on a crowd that includes woman and children is shocking enough but what I found most unnerving was the filming in minute detail of the people who were attending the rally.

Scary stuff indeed.

This Is What a Police State Looks Like

Link dead. Below, same shit, different movie

Not directly related. The Real ID Act. AKA we've got you by the short hairs.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any of these problems in England? HH

Himself said...

Not really H but you have to understand we have never been a gun owning society, in fact after a guy ran amok some 15/20 years ago in a town called Hungerford (google it if you wish) legislation was brought in and there is a total ban on handgun ownership.
That's not to say gun crime isn't on the rise, mainly inner city drug and turf disputes.

Although there are armed police in the capital at strategic locations the police here are by and large unarmed but can call in the armed response team when needed.(but we are not talking SWAT)

As a society as a whole nobody, including the cops, nobody wants to see the police force militarised, it's as though once we cross the line there will be no turning back.

As a society both sides like to maintain (the myth?) that Britain is still a peoples democracy, how naive is that?

But as that same society we have the distinction of being the most surveiled country on earth, were I to drive the 300 miles to London there would be but some few minutes out of the whole journey when I was NOT on camera and it is estimated that once there I would be filmed 300 times in the course of a day.

George Orwell, a visionary that got his dates wrong.