Friday, February 22, 2008

What Constitution?


I am aware that watching lengthy movies online will not be practicable for some, but if you have the time and the bandwidth, want to feel at the same time both angry and afraid then you might want to watch this seventy minute film that catalogues the civil and human rights abuses that have been instigated by the Bush regime since the hurriedly passed Patriot Act.

It really is quite frightening to witness the immediate shelving of constitutional rights and haste that people were rounded up and held without charge in the aftermath of September eleventh.
The film touches on too many things to list here but just past the half hour the makers give us some few minutes on the stitching up of American citizen Jose Padilla by John Ashcroft.

Well worth watching and every reason to be afraid, very afraid.

The Bush administration attack on the Constitution
A film by Nonny de la Peña, co-produced by Robert Greenwald.

Arrested, imprisoned, and held without charges... cleared of any wrong doing, but still held indefinitely. These outrages are now possible in America.

The so called Patriot Act represents the greatest erosion of civil liberties in the history of our nation. How this law came into being and what it means for civil liberties in the United States. watch

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