Tuesday, February 26, 2008

FIA Demand For Blair's War Cabinet Minutes


I think "War Cabinet" might be a misnomer, the decision to go to war was a fait accompli and I think half the cabinet were spun lies and bullshit if only by omission.

Those that were privy to the doubts over the legality of going to war would just be the inner circle of the Blair gang, and who would be included in that little cadre? well "Mister Broown" our present fearless leader. Just as complicit, just as dirty.

Should be interesting to see where this goes.

The government has been told to release the minutes of two cabinet meetings in the days before the Iraq war.

The demand came from Information Commissioner Richard Thomas after a Freedom of Information request was rejected by the Cabinet Office.

He said disclosure would "allow the public to more fully understand this particular decision of the cabinet".

The Cabinet Office has 35 days to appeal against the decision and is said to be "considering" its response.

In his ruling, Mr Thomas says the minutes had to be released to help "transparency and public understanding of the relevant issues". more

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