Monday, February 25, 2008

Fifty Bullet Cops Stand Trial

I'm running a bit late today, for any of you that have been following the Riverdance Ferry story I have updated the post with an opinion piece.

To the story in hand.

The one glaring thing reported in this tragedy makes me ask, is this a case of cops out of control and should in no way be put in charge of a gun or is it a case, in one instance, of a cop being in total control?

I don't know an awful lot about hand guns but surely there can't be an awful lot of weapons that can discharge thirty one bullets without reloading.
It's not as though anyone was firing back was it?

Three New York detectives have gone on trial over the shooting of an unarmed black man just hours before he was to marry the mother of his two children.

The three officers fired nearly 50 shots at 23-year-old Sean Bell's car as he left a strip club on his stag night.

Michael Oliver and Gescard Isnora have denied manslaughter, while Marc Cooper has denied reckless endangerment.

The killing on 25 November 2006 sparked street protests and accusations of racism against the city's police.

Three of the officers involved that night were black and two were white. Two of Mr Bell's friends, both black, were injured in the shooting.


Mr Isnora was the first to shoot and is accused of firing a total of 11 bullets.

Mr Oliver is accused of firing 31 of the nearly 50 bullets aimed at Mr Bell and his two friends. more

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