Monday, February 18, 2008

You Can't Keep a Good Hustler Down: The Resurection of Jim Bakker


BLUE EYE, MO. • Forgive them for gawking. They were not expecting this.

"It’s a little like Disneyland," one stunned visitor says.

"A miracle," says another. "It is God’s work."...........


Jim Bakker waits 41 minutes into his one-hour show to make his plea.

He begins by noting they have been off the air for six weeks.

"We have really gotten behind financially," he says, fingering a crease in his khakis. "So we really need a miracle. The cost of moving, just to get the stuff you need — and we needed to get a few more microphones, we didn't even have enough time to get the bugs worked out of things. It just takes a lot of money."

He is talking directly to the camera now. He says he has a music CD for "a love gift of $30" and a DVD about marriage for a $55 donation. He decides to offer a recording of his sermon about prison, just $20.more

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