Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Empire Expands

Permanent U.S. Army command taking shape in Kuwait

CAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait — U.S. Army Central is establishing a permanent platform for “full spectrum operations” in 27 countries around southwest Asia and the Middle East, its commander says.

Lt. Gen. James J. Lovelace said the Army has diverse capabilities here now but plans to reach a complete level of operational effectiveness by July.

The restructuring, which offers more flexibility for offensive, defensive and stability operations, is a major piece of transformation worldwide, said Lovelace.

“It’s the first Army command to do this,” said Lovelace, who also heads the Coalition Forces Land Component. “Now, we’re not only operational but the Army has committed other assets.”more

In case you missed it, Chavez addresses the UN 24mins, brilliant.

Staying with Chavez, socialism at work.

The government of Hugo Chavez, a populist with oil money to spend, has hired Montreal's SNC-Lavalin Group to build an irrigation system and three new towns in Venezuela's central plains at a cost of $597 million US.more

And this just in.

The Venezuelan government has paid $1.8bn (£900m) in compensation to French, Norwegian and Italian oil firms after it nationalised key oil fields.
The move isolates US oil firm Exxon Mobil in its dispute with the country.

Exxon is seeking $12bn in compensation from Venezuela's state energy group, PDVSA, after its interests were nationalised last year.

Venezuela has accused the US oil giant of exaggerating the value of the firm's former investments in the country.more

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