Monday, February 18, 2008

Harding MO No Prisoners For New Private Facility

Whoops! thanks to reader Thom for informing me that Hardin is in fact in Montana.

I'm heartbroken I tell ye, heartbroken.

City officials in Hardin must find themselves in the unusual position of hoping for a statewide crime wave.

Unless malefactors step up to the plate and start getting themselves sent to prison in large numbers, Hardin is going to be stuck with 464 empty beds at its spanking-new, $27 million jail.

When the jail was just a gleam in the eye of city fathers, it was being trumpeted as the largest economic development project in Hardin since the construction of a sugar factory in the 1930s.

Now it's shaping up as one of the most expensive misunderstandings in the history of Montana.

I don't pretend to understand how this came about, or to be able to predict how it will all end. That's for the lawyers to wrangle over in the lawsuit filed against the state by the city of Hardin and its economic development arm, Two Rivers Authority.more


Thom said...

Not that it matters in the slightest, but as a Montana native and the grandson of MT homesteaders, I just thought I had to let you know that it's Hardin, MT, not Hardin MO.
Thanks for the interesting, informative blog!

Himself said...

Thank you for the correction and your kind words, much appreciated.