Thursday, February 28, 2008

Christianity Under Attack. Stop Please!


Watching "reply" videos on YouTube is not something I generally make a habit of, the main reason is that they are usually constituted of a shit fer brains tosser sat in front of a web cam and having an uninformed or biased rant that would have everybody but the most ardent masochist reaching for the off button.

However, for reasons unknown, I did, and in doing so I learnt a little more about Nicole Smalkowski and her family. Nicole being the sixteen year old girl that encountered all kinds of harassment at school for declaring herself an atheist. (see previous immediately preceding this post.)

The "reply" given by a young man with the moniker KingHeathen was none of the above and was indeed quite watchable.
It was at the five minute twenty mark of this six minute clip that I had a WTF moment when KingHeathen talked about charges against the Smallowskis and how they would be dropped if they the Smallowskis sold up, lock stock and barrel and moved out of the state.
Enough to give anyone a WTF moment I would have thought.

I didn't have to do much digging to come up with the story dated June 06, not exactly breaking news nonetheless news to me.
So I put this story in front of you and I shall have another trawl to see if the Smallowskis did bring a threatened law suit and if they did, the outcome.

When her father Chuck (Smallowski) discovered conclusively that public school and law enforcement officials had lied to him about his 15 year old daughter, he and Nicole and her mother Nadia went to the home of principal Lloyd Buckley to attempt to discuss the matter with him. Outside of his front fence, the principal struck Chuck, who blocked the blow. Both men fell to the ground and Buckley sustained minor injuries, the provable origins of which were strikingly contrary to his under oath trial testimony. Buckley then took out misdemeanor criminal assault charges against Chuck. After Smalkowski rejected the offer to drop the charges if he and his Atheist family left the state, the charges were raised to a felony. Chuck called American Atheists for help.

WTF indeed. But then this pearl below, given that the good Christian school officials and the good Christian cops lied their arses off it does in fact become more than a pearl, it's what we in England would describe as "magic" a term possibly truncated from a "magic moment" but don't quote me on that.

Edwin (defence team) introduced himself to the jury as National Legal Director for American Atheists and asked the prospective jury in the Oklahoma panhandle if they could accept the testimony of an Atheist over that of a professed Christian. When the jury looked at him blankly, the judge asked the prospects if they understood the question.

One woman spoke for many in the group by asking "What is an Atheist?" Edwin explained that an Atheist was a person who did not believe in a god or gods or in a supernatural world, and that the defendant and his entire family were such persons. Many of the prospects said they could not believe such a person over a Christian and were struck for cause. To their credit, many members of the jury panel, including two ministers' wives, told the judge they could not be fair to an Atheist in such a situation and were excused.more

KingHeathen's six minute reply.

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