Saturday, February 16, 2008

Identity Crisis For Ten Year Old Ends In Tragedy

This is a sad sad tale, poor little confused fellow took his own life over his gender identity crisis and in spite of support from what would appear to be a lovely caring and understanding family.

A boy of ten hanged himself after telling his mother that he wanted to become a girl, an inquest was told yesterday.

Cameron McWilliams, who liked to wear girls' underwear, asked if he could start using make-up just days before committing suicide, the hearing heard.

His mother, who described him as a lonely young boy, told the coroner: "It was apparent he was unhappy and said he wanted to be a girl. He did like girls' things."

She said he had been teased after being found in his half-sister's underwear, but had been forbidden from wearing make-up until he was much older.

Mrs McWilliams, a 31-year-old mother of five, described how she discovered her son's body in the early hours of February 4.more

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